Mama, soy yo

Motherhood. A journey many of us women embark on, some by choice, others by IMG_5231surprise.

Being a mom isn’t easy. I mean, whoever thinks that should really bite themselves on their toes ..because lord knows, it isn’t easy. There are some days were we find our children to be as sweet as candy coated apples on a warm summer day – but there are also days where you find yourself trying to blend in to your pile of clothes in your closet, in hopes that your little gremlin won’t see you. A experience, only a mother would say, is just that, a experience. A marvelous, frightening, exciting, tiring, amazing, life changing experience – one that I get to live by, everyday.

You see, becoming a mother, just happened. Although it was a surprise for me, a surprise for Michael, shoot, a surprise for the world, it happened. I remember telling myself growing up that I was too cool for kids. That I would venture out to the world by myself, live in my own solitude and if I got lonely, I would opt for adopting a pet, and it would just be that. Me, myself, and a four legged fur ball in my Los Angeles apartment and nothing more.   The moment I found out I was pregnant I was shocked. It was unexpected and at the time, a scary moment for me. I cried – I had to have my best friend break the news to Michael because of how hard it was for me to even speak. I know – I know – I’m a bit drama queen but you gotta’ understand, being a young girl with no direction of where I was really going, and hearing I would be responsible for another humans life, that’s something. Something else.

Overtime my stomach grew – I grew to love it and bask in all it’s beauty. I had a little human growing inside me and the fear began to diminish with each passing day. I would be a young mom, and a very good one at that.  During the 9 months – I learned, learned to love, learned to be patient, learned to be kind. My life was coming together – slowly but surely, I was almost there. Sure enough Michael Aiden was born and so began that new chapter. The sleepless nights, the endless cuddles,  the scent of a new baby following me through the months. 1 week turned into a month, the months turned into a year, and now, a year is turning into 2.  My dark days turned into the greatest of days, and it’s all because of you.

My marvelous, frightening, exciting, tiring, amazing and life changing experience – it’s all because of you. I love you.

All about our Disney trip – a toddler tale.



After a month of waiting – we finally received our access back to the happiest place on earth (and no I am not talking about starbucks). DISNEYLAND! Aiden turned 21 months today and in celebration of his almost 2 years of life, we decided to make today all about him. This is his story, Enjoy!



Got, up, got dressed, got burritos? Breakfast burritos! Thank to Casa Grande Café for  delicious burritos. They made me so happy.

Once we got to Anaheim, finding parking was unbelievable.


That moment when you find out that you have to walk 3 miles to get to the park because of parking…

but we didn’t let that get in the way of our day!

Then on rides we went; Dad was scared, so I sat next to him throughout them all. Yes, I’m a big boy now.


explored a little IMG_5695.JPG

Ate a little

IMG_5677IMG_5684IMG_5680IMG_5683IMG_5686adventured some more – I even got a super cool badge!


After burning all that energy, we needed to refuel again.

Oh look..


The 81 degree heat called for some more fun. Water fun!


Followed by a nap. So much fun a day, who can blame me? Guess where I woke up next?


You guessed it! To think I was already having a great time.

We explored some more

snacked a little more

caught up with some old friends


Until I could no more.

This sums up our trip, I hope you enjoyed our visual adventure. Until next time Disney!

What is your favorite part of Disneyland/California Adventure? Favorite places to eat? Favorite things to snack? Thanks for reading!


The potty training chronicles: Part I

The Beginning

The event I have been preparing myself for  mentally,physically,emotionally.

It’s Here.

Aiden has been showing so much interest for the toilet. Pointing at it, attempting to perch his little butt on it, stuffing things in it – the signs all clearly there. Potty training is a go, I repeat, potty training a GO.

Now a lot of you people will probably assume that I should be used to changing the dookie dampered diapers. To be honest though, I don’t think anyone can get used to changing diapers. Every single one is a surprise – and quite frankly I still freak out when I end up with Aiden’s poop on my fingers. #100

 I can just imagine how crazy the process of potty training is and is going to be. Although it is nerve wrecking I also can’t deny the excitement I’m also feeling. Potty training is a stage of  independence in a toddler’s life. These are the moments we live for.

Please feel free to share some tips + tricks on toddler training – holla @ ya girl, let me know what’s up. It is only the beginning.

With love, light and in hospitality,


Back at it again..

Now Playing: “I’ve grown accustomed to her face”Dean Martin

As Aiden slumbers and I sip on my morning coffee I start to ponder on  the brief hiatus that my social activities have been experiencing.

Life kind of hit me – like a moving train, revving up to it’s highest mph (hello dramatic?) but seriously. Balancing Motherhood, school, work, my love life and also trying to keep my social life alive, has been a challenge. Although it’s been hard, here I am, feeling  better than ever.  Seeking to improve and grow and move forward from anything that has

1)  Tried to get in my way

2) Has got in my way but I gave it a good kick out of my way and continued on the path to righteousness  pure awesomeness

Now writing has ultimately become a way of expressing myself. A way to speak through words I didn’t /don’t or can’t physically say. However, With all the Great and Beautiful blogs  I’ve came across there had also been a bit of blogtimadation that had developed; I began to question myself on why I was really here, behind the computer and on this site. The aesthetics of their pages and focus on what they talked about became something I was in pursuit of. Until I realized that wasn’t me. We all know that social Media has a influence on people, good and bad. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the pursuit of an image that quite simply doesn’t describe us. A image that is not us.  Which is where I was for the past few months. Trying to figure out who I was when ultimately, I knew the answer to it already. I am me and there is no one like me.

The concept of TheMumDiaries was made to focus on all that is good, bad and quite frankly ugly. You see, parenthood  is the best – but it also isn’t all fun and games. If that isn’t the case for some of you, Life in general can be a bit.. tricky.  I’m here to share personal stories, experiences, adventures, ideas, goals, achievements and engage and connect with those who are here – reading and simply, agreeing and disagreeing. With that all cleared up and a toddler now climbing all over me now,  I would like to extend a virtual hug and a warm welcome to my life. The mumdiaries.

In love, light and hospitality,


The beauty of forgiveness

           ( Letter to self)

To forgive, is to pardon or let go. To allow closure and simply move on.

Life has it’s ways of working whether it’s in your favor or completely against it. It is within those moments however, that you find yourself sorting through people merging in and out of your life. Some good endings, some bad. What happened and how it happened; the questions begin and scenes start playing in the back of your head.

 As humans, we were born to observe and learn. Only to have mastered the power of observation to avoid any situations we refuse to live through in repeat. Within the situations or in better words, life lessons, we see that although most have great happy endings there are some that we refuse to re live. Yes I am talking about those. The breakups, the heartaches, the neglect, all those life lessons that not only bring the  feeling of resentment, hatred, or disappointment but that also stream along dark memories that we store deep within our hearts.

You see, A life without forgives is a colorless life. Love, compassion and kindness seem to be the light of this world. It is what keeps us going. What makes forgiveness so beautiful? Is it the feeling of relief, fulfillment and or lightheartedness that sets your mind at ease? The fact that you no longer hold any resentment toward a someone or something that makes you feel now.. alive?  Bingo. It is days like today that you need to remind yourself that no matter the circumstances or past situations, love conquers and will conquer all. Forgiveness leads to a happy heart and with a happy heart there will be a happy life.

Matthews 6:14

 in love, light and in hospitality


Traveling with a toddler “roadtrip edition”

Terrible two’s. A mother’s worst nightmare. We prepare ourselves for this major step in life not realizing that most of us mothers experience it way before the 2’s come into place. (Ooooh scary) Then comes the fear of traveling with a toddler who turns into a little green monster after being in the car for so long and you start to think that just living indoors and away from the outside world isn’t so bad – yes I am talking to you. I’m here to tell you that although a life at home and only home isn’t such a bad idea, there is so much more to see and experience then that of a enclosed home.  For both little eyes and big eyes.

Tips and tricks for on the road go

  • Plan ahead

Whether it is a hour long drive or a 8 hour drive, being prepared and planned never hurts. However it is always best to prepared when plans don’t go according, to well, planned. So it’s always best to have a alternative when shit hits the fan.

  • Do your research

(I found this to be the most helpful tip for me since Aiden can only last in his seat for 30 minutes or so until he starts with his tantrums. )

Research the surrounding cities that are on the way to your destination; You definitely don’t want to end up in the shadiest of places for some leg stretching – so it’s always best to take a look at the areas and what restaurants, coffee places, local parks are perfect for a quick snack and play.


  • Pack the Snacks

    Just like us, our little one’s need the refueling after a long drive. Especially after sitting in the car for the longest hours. Be prepared with the best of the best. “That good, good” for both comfort, replenishment, and overall fun. Because that’s exactly how they see it – fun! Colorful fruits, natural fruit snacks, string cheeses, Veggie sticks, Snap Peas, Cheddar bunnies all delicious. ALL toddler friendly. Don’t forget that over packing on snacks is better than not packing enough. I learned the hard way.


  • To entertain or be entertained. That is the question.

    Many times I opt for the easiest form of entertaining Aiden, which is with our tablet. The majority of what he watches consists of Sesame Street, The Wiggles, Super Why, etc. there are sometimes though, that this beautiful form technology fails and not even that can soothe his urge for entertainment. Which is where books come in. Having a variety of books with multi colored covers in the car is so great! One look and he’s hooked. Also, Having his favorite songs in your  library ready to be bumped doesn’t hurt either. He’s currently obsessing on J-Balvin’s “Ay Vamos” track and mommah ain’t complaining.


These tips may or may not work for your little one and that’s okay. All babies are different.


Our San  Francisco trip was the first of many and these tricks helped me get through the 5 hour drive. I’d love to hear your experiences on the road. What are your tips and tricks for on the road go?


In love, light and hospitality,


PS Check out our San Fran experience below: PURE AWESOMENESS.